Ribbon will come to your office and provide stress and tension relief through working the muscles to increase concentration and productivity in your most valued investment, your employees.

A Ribbon professional will come to you for a prearranged amount of time. Each massage per employee can be for a total of 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes. A private room is not required as all massages are undertaken over clothing so no pre or post “changing” time is necessary. Ribbon provides all its own equipment and follows best practices as outlined by the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT).

Bookings follow two options

Option 1 – Employer pre-paid

Employer pays for a set duration of time for the therapists to be present on site. The therapist will remain on site for the paid for duration unless otherwise agreed with the employer.

Option 2 – Employee pre-paid

Employees fund their own treatments through a booking sheet. Minimum requirements are set out below:

5 to 10 people = 20 minutes or more treatment per person

10 to 20 people = 15 minute or more treatment per person

20 plus people = 10 minute or more treatment per person

Days of week, start and finish times are flexible to suit varying industries and employment types.


Corporate Treatment

Cost Length
$20 10 min
$30 15 min
$40 20 min
$45 25 min
$50 30 min


All costs are GST inclusive

For longer massages or the option of full treatments a private room will be required so privacy can be maintained. Full treatments include an individual assessment, case history and treatment. Individual treatment plans are available on request at no additional cost and will follow 2 business days after treatment.