Oncology Massage

Why Oncology Massage?

For symptom management, research has shown Oncology Massage improves the quality of life for people with a history or diagnosis of cancer.

It reduces the side effects experienced from conventional treatment of cancer and the symptoms of the disease process itself (Cassileth and Vickers, 2004)

  • Pain Improved 47%
  • Fatigue Improved 42%
  • Anxiety Improved 59%
  • Nausea Improved 51%
  • Depression Improved 48%
  • Other (including shortness of breath, memory problems, dry mouth or disturbed sleep) improved 48%

Oncology Massage is also able to treat people with

  • Limited Range Of Motion (ROM) from surgical or radiation scares, and
  • Provide abdominal massage for constipation


Each treatment session is tailored specific to each person’s needs. A detailed history is taken prior to the first session, this is usually completed over the phone or in person.

Session times vary depending on each person’s needs. Great care is taken in each session to ensure the most comfortable and relaxing environment is created


Rhiannon Taylor has successfully completed the OMT1 and OMT2 modules.

Oncology Massage Training is an internationally recognised course with the Society for Oncology Massage – S4OM.

Medical Research:

Cassileth BR, Vickers AJ, 2004, Massage Therapy for Symptom Control: Outcome Study at a Major Cancer Centre, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 28:3:244-250

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Oncology Massage Treatment

Cost Length
$85 60 min Oncology Massage
$75 45 min Oncology Massage
$65 30 min Oncology Massage

All costs are GST inclusive

To assist in reducing the long term cost of treatment a loyalty program exists where every 5th treatment is half price.